Privacy Notice

Last Updated: June 29, 2023.

At Mozilla, we design products with your privacy in mind.

We care about your privacy. The Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle any information that we collect about you. This Privacy Notice provides more information about what data Didthis collects and shares, and why.

Things you should know:

Information we collect

Account information. In order to sign up for Didthis, you will need to provide us your email address and create a unique username and password for the Didthis account. We may contact you at the email address associated with your Didthis account about issues with your Didthis account, or with the service as a whole.

You may also choose to enter additional profile information, such as a real name, a photo, and a biography or description, which will be viewable to anyone in the public who views your account. We will store the information you provide.

Post Information. We maintain data about your activity on Didthis, including the content that you post to Didthis, your platform interactions, and any other information that you share publicly. The content you post on your Didthis webpage will, by default, be private and accessible only by you. If you choose to make your Didthis webpage publicly available by switching your Didthis webpage from “private” to “public”, the URL of your Didthis webpage will be publicly visible and can be accessible by other Didthis users or anyone else who visits your Didthis webpage.

When you post content on your Didthis webpage, we store information about the date and time the post was created, and the device that it was posted from.

Interaction data. Mozilla receives data about your interactions with Didthis, including when you log in and out, and the preferences you set. In addition to the information that you provide, such as the content you post to your Didthis webpage, we also receive information about your activity on Didthis, including your clicks and impressions. We may collect this interaction data through third parties, such as Amplitude and Google Analytics.

We use the information that we collect for several purposes, including to:

  • Provide the Didthis service;
  • Learn how you and others are using Didthis to make improvements;
  • Find and remove content and users that violate our policies;
  • Send you information about changes to the service;
  • Improve our security and trust & safety practices for you and other users;
  • Fulfill any purpose that you have expressly authorized (for example, to contact you about a specific issue).

Policy enforcement data. We will store data about any Terms of Service violations that you report, or that other people report about your account - including the reports themselves, data about the violations, and any related correspondence. If you submit a report about someone else’s violation, we will gather and store data related to that report (including the technical details and contents of that report, your contact information, any follow up interactions or decisions, and information about the adjudication of any disputes). We may also use this enforcement data to prevent abuse or to respond to future violations, and may share reporter or user data with third parties where it is required by law or necessary to enforce our policies

Location information. Didthis receives your IP address when you sign up for and use the service. The latest IP address that you used is stored for up to 90 days. We may also retain server logs that store the IP address of every request made to our server.

Except as indicated above, Didthis does not share any of your personal data with third parties. However, such data may become accessible to third parties when you publish it online.